Saturday, November 29, 2008

What I bought today

Kona cottons were on sale at Hobby Lobby for $4.19 a yard and Cotton Classics were $2.07. Some of these are Kona and some are Cotton Classic. The purple shiny stuff behind this array is polyester satin for the new chair seats and backs. I will quilt it first and then make the covers.
OK I recently said I wasn't going to buy any of this Kona, since I have hand dyed that is also Kona, but there are colors here that I didn't or couldn't have dyed, like the very dark green and the very intense purples. Commercial cottons are more purplier than hand dyed. I don't know why. And I had to get black and white too, so there is that in the mix. So I figured that I might as well not quibble about buying all this, since it will be easier to cut into things that are all the same length. With my hand dyed stuff, who knows what the original cuts were before dyeing. Or some such excuse...It took me two stores, one on each side of town before I could actually buy anything. And then I remembered that this is money I just made from two old quilts.
Thank you Teri Springer.
This is one gorgeous piece of my hand dyed sateen. I may or may not use this in the quilt I plan to make. But it looks so shiny next to the Kona. It will quilt up fabulously.

I also went to two TJMAXX's and finally at about 5:30 I bought some tablecloths. I was gonna make them but geesh, these are only $8 each. Not worth the effort. And I already have several dress up tablecloths, and these are more Christmasy and 'rustic' except for the white one which is damask.
And finally, the pillow forms and extra-loft batting. Dave hates pillows but it is a necessary evil to bring color into the decor. Get this: Dave had a dream that we painted the living room in four shades of purple! And he said it was gorgeous. So I bought the purple satin for the chairs and that will be making his dream come true.
I am going to change the settings on this blog so we can have comments from each other.
Love Mel

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