Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Day's Accomplishments

Well as you can see, I made some progress. I like the pictures better than the real thing. But maybe it's gonna work out. After lunch I just deflated and laid on the couch for 2 hours watching a movie. Then, feeling like I needed something to be accomplished, I made a caramel apple pie.

I went online to get the crisco pie crust recipe, and they had this video showing how to make pie crust in the food processor! I'm sure I have that information filed away in my head somewhere, but I had forgotten it completely. I've been making pie crusts by hand forever. Well, it was really easy.

But I didn't have a recipe for the topping. So, I melted the rest of the caramels that I had taken from mom's kitchen, and stirred that into some oats and chopped peanuts. Quickly, while it was still hot, I sort of mushed that all over the top. I baked it in my stupid little oven, with foil over the pie, for 45 minutes. I pulled it out at 30 minutes, decided it looked dry, and squirted some caramel ice cream topping on the apples, then put it back for 45 minutes.

Oh dear. Not anywhere near my diet. But it was an experiment, I wanted to try to make it more than I want to eat it. I'll have a slice and that will probably be it.

I am also make arroz con pollo with no recipe. I'll tell you what I did later. Right now I need to go stir.

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