Sunday, January 30, 2011

Slowing Taking Over

Chumley was asleep, cuddling his baby squeaker toy, and as I snapped this picture  he raised his head, still with his eyes closed. He got this toy from the vet when he was neutered.

I moved the drawers up by myself and then had Dave's help bringing up the frame. I am not getting the IKEA dresser. Don't need it. 
Then I took down his bulletin board which was screwed into the wall as tho it weighed 600 pounds, and then hung this temporary quilt, called Hilltop Houses. It never got a rod pocket sewn on, so bulldog clips are doing the trick.
  I'll be looking at this as I fall asleep and wake up, forcing me to make something much more appropriate for this space.

We had both Poang chairs up here, like it was a doctor's waiting room. I moved one down to the studio. I guess I can get rid of the blankies on the couch as Chum would sleep on a small towel if it were on the right spot of his couch.

I don't know how much decorating I can do up here, as there are lots of guitars in the way. But I can keep his bathroom cleaner than it was when I moved back up. eeeouww.

The view from the top of the stairs. Do you recognize those tab top curtains? When I went looking in the garage for the curtain rings and red drapes I found the rings, no drapes, and these two panels, one of which is temporarily on the other window. Must be yours from Singapore?

I moved one chair/ottoman into the corner and now we have a bit more room. The TV stereo cabinet is still pulled away from the wall as Dave will continue to paint it for the rest of eternity. grrrr.

Since my chest of drawers held my tv, I had to find a replacement, and this table works and is easy to move for viewing from the chair.
I had originally thought of putting it on the previous tv cabinet, which had been stored for two weeks in the potting shed. But it just was too low, so it will be a night stand again, holding various quilts.

These quilts are waiting to be hung, one in the living room and one in the bath. It is more blue than the one I had there before, which got put back over my chair.
I'll probably not use this room at all anymore now that my clothes are up here. Good. When guests come it will be so easy to just put them up here.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nine Drawings

I am sure each one of these took more than 15 minutes, but love how one fed on the previous one. Plus they used a light pencil to shade in the space and make it look dimensional.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

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