Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not Having Fun

This is the quilt that I am beating my head against. I'm so attracted to the idea of the color shifting thing, but I find it so difficult to do. I'm not subtle enough, perhaps.

Well, after studying Carol Taylor's quilt, I decided to start mine out with pink as the pastel instead of yellow. And I already knew I didn't have any white, but I have a grey scale I ordered online a while ago, so I thought that would be good. But as I worked, I just felt so doubtful.

I guess seeing what I did yesterday, in pictures, makes a difference. It looks a little better than I thought it was. Next I will make some red and orange squares with less grey. As you can see, I was fooling around with connector blocks: the squares with little squares. It's hard to get them all the same size, or it was for some reason.

I wish we were together for this one.

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