Monday, June 15, 2009

The Pre-reveal

This is the finished room, at least as finished as it can be with the energy that I had left today. We put up a rolling curtain on the outside of the window, rather than inside, and it was leftover from when we moved in. This will keep the hot afternoon sun from heating up the room too much. Very easy to roll up in the cool morning.
This will also be the end where you will sleep, and of course we will move the stuff out of that corner, so there is room to walk around the bed.
There is still painter's tape around the fixtures that touch the ceiling. We ran out of ceiling paint and there are still a few spots which need a second coat. I'll be going to Chatt on Tues. and will stop at Lowe's for more. I have removed the pendant lights until later when I can figure out where they go. I just want it to stay clean and open for a few days.

As you enter the room the Alex and printer are right there, plugged into my new wall socket, and then the sewing table and sewing machine are also plugged into it too. Behind that is the drawing table or work table, depending on what I am doing at the moment.
On the other side of the back door is the rolling cabinet and taboret which will move to wherever I need them to be at the moment. My easel is still on the porch, but I will bring it in and find a place for it too. The stereo sits on the bookshelf where the reception is iffy, but where I can plug it into my computer for FM stations or whatever.
The white walls will get artwork soon. I have the hooks and the ladder so all I need is time and energy.
The tv will probably be hooked up to its new wall mounting unit on Weds when both Dave and I will both be home. Then I can breathe a sigh of relief and get back to creating.
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