Monday, November 10, 2008


I gave myself a large blister on the ball of my right foot after my walk this morning, so instead of doing the grocery shopping, I decided to stay off my foot and I did some sketching.

You know how sometimes when you look at a word long enough, it starts to look like maybe it's misspelled? I had a similar experience with my sketches. The more detail I put into a sketch, the less it looked like something I wanted to make. And then I would come up with another idea and sketch that, and I would get to that same point again. So I wanted to let you see them, and see if any of them look like something to you. Keep in mind that these are in various states of completion. And they are all based on the bubble shape I used in the last quilt, and the ones before it.

These last two are two, not one quilt, and I was just disgusted at this point.

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