Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So here is the progress of the left side section. I decided I didn't like that narrow pink stripe in the top part, so I pulled it out.

Then I added the bars. The pale yellow bar in the horizontal part is that yellow cotton lame, and it shimmers so nicely there.

Then I squared it up and fused it to the batting. It's looking good, no? Here's a couple of details.

I'm in the process of quilting it right now, and it's going to smoothly. I love my machine. But I think I have also eliminated a lot of the fraying that I usually see at this point. I had some gaps where you could see the batting, but I was able to fix them without adding fabric. It was just a matter of fusing the fabric back down in the right place. So it's going swimmingly. The quilt is approx. 18 inches square. My favorite bit is the upper right hand side with all the small eggs or whatever they are overlapping. How can I work that into my next quilt? Hmmm.

I just looked at these pictures after I posted them and clicked on them for the larger image. Sorry some of them come up a little blurry, but mostly you can see really well. You can especially see the lame shimmering. I'm really glad I included that fabric, it's just the right amount of bling.

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