Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recovering the old chair

 I got the old chair out of the garage and it was full of deeply imbedded dog and cat hair. First I tried to scotch tape it off, to no avail.
Then I decided to just recover it. A few screws, and then the cushion was off the frame.
Next I found the electric staple gun and used it to first attach a layer of fresh batting as a barrier between the hair. Leaving the old cover intact, I just stapled the batting and then decided to use this old freebie piece of fabric as the cover.

I liked it mainly because it was slippery, which makes sitting and moving on the seat easier. A bit of pulling and stapling and voila! the seat is covered.

Then the backing, which came off easily enough with three screws and I repeated the process.  I adjusted the back to be low and centered on my back properly and now I have then new/old sewing chair. The whole process took less than 30 minutes!
Got anything you'd like to recover?

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He's got the mouse!

Chum and Chester love the mousies so much. I gave each one last night and they proceeded to love them to death, altho they do still remain in one piece. This is their favorite kind of toy, CHEWABLE. Chum brought his to bed with me last night. Gooey and spitty tho it was, I know he was happy to have a cuddle buddy to snooze with.
Thanks for passing them onto the boys.
And thanks for the new shoes, which did the trick for me. Altho my feet didn't stop hurting until about 9pm, I was able to get my shopping done and get home withouth having to wear those red reeboks anymore.
I am going to wear the new pair all day today, with socks and enjoy my spread out toesies.
I hope you're feeling better and are back at work, making moolah.
Lovest Mel

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Facing the quilt

Beautiful isn't it? I took the liberty of fixing the binding and making it a facing instead. I know that you were in a hurry and misunderstood my instructions over the phone, and got my binding and facing instructions switched or combined. Nevertheless, I figured it was my fault, so I allowed myself permission to fix it.
1. cut the strips to the exact length of the side and sew almost to the end.

Fold back the edges to meet in a 45 degree angle like this. Press open so you know where to stitch.

Stitch on the dotted line (I didn't use black...this is just for the picture)

Trim off excess fabric and finish stitching the point, pivoting at the seam line.
Trim points.
Turn right side out. Later I will unsew the facing half way down and turn under the edges to fuse or hand stitch or both. I fused yours, but a few stitches could be added for the finishing touch. No rod pocket was added yet.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Gee's Bendish via Nancy Crow

This quilt was started in a Nancy Crow workshop at Quilt Surface Design Symposium in Columbus OH sometime prior to 2002. Frieda Anderson (the student at the time) made most of it and then I added some blocks to the edges to make it big enough for a bed. Its about 75 x63". I loved it and she hated it and so I got to keep it. I quilted  parts of it, using different designs, and then halfway through lost interest. It is now the dog's quilt on the guest room bed, accounting for all the dog hair on it. I never bound it, and the edge is serged to go through the washer.
The assignment in the workshop began with doing a small three value composition in white, gray and black and then doing it a second time in color to match the values in the original.
I think this picture on the left may have been the best part of the original and keep thinking I need to make this for myself, only nicer of course.
Can you imagine making a neutral quilt top study in order to get to the final product? Why not just make a sketch and color it in? Anyway a teacher has to fill a five day workshop with something. I was teaching across the hall and had enough time to wander and visit, so I know...
This quilting is inappropriate to the design, but I had to try out my hand dyed thread on the black. Perle cotton size 12 in a 14/90 needle.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

These pics were taken in the rain Sunday, and the Sweet Autumn Clematis looks pretty bad after all day and night of rain, but it got pretty high up the wire this summer. Next year, look out!

If  you click you can see a bit of continuing rain coming off the roof.

The dawgs refuse to leave the porch, and are eating a leftover biscuit. They have cabin fever and are nutso running back and forth on the porch. White painted floor reveals all footprints.

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