Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's already working

Ok I took your advice and had oatmeal for lunch and then only three small leftover meatballs for dinner. I didn't have any wine either. I feel wonderful already.
I got a great night's sleep, starting at 8pm and slept all the way through except twice when I had to give a pill to Dave. I call that all the way through.
I had oatmeal and a few crasins with milk and feel super full. I will do it again later today and then maybe an apple for dinner.
My weaknesses (no surprises here) are butter, bread, starches of all kinds, greasy anything, cheeses, cream, ice cream, sour cream and olive oil. Not to mention peanut butter and popcorn. And COOKIES.
So what in the world have I been eating? All of the above.
And since Dave can only eat small servings, I find myself giving him 1/3 of a meal and me having 2/3 of the rest.
Wine everynight is like drinking a full glass of Coke.
All I can say is NO WONDER.
I wouldn't have started this if my feet weren't killing me from carrying all this around all day, not to mention my knees and hips.
I want to say that I am grateful for the oatmeal suggestion, and my arteries are also thanking you.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

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