Monday, November 14, 2011

Facing the quilt

Beautiful isn't it? I took the liberty of fixing the binding and making it a facing instead. I know that you were in a hurry and misunderstood my instructions over the phone, and got my binding and facing instructions switched or combined. Nevertheless, I figured it was my fault, so I allowed myself permission to fix it.
1. cut the strips to the exact length of the side and sew almost to the end.

Fold back the edges to meet in a 45 degree angle like this. Press open so you know where to stitch.

Stitch on the dotted line (I didn't use black...this is just for the picture)

Trim off excess fabric and finish stitching the point, pivoting at the seam line.
Trim points.
Turn right side out. Later I will unsew the facing half way down and turn under the edges to fuse or hand stitch or both. I fused yours, but a few stitches could be added for the finishing touch. No rod pocket was added yet.

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