Monday, December 1, 2008

I got this outta the garage and will repaint some sections in the new colorways planned for the living room. Like adding lime greens and more orange. Much more orange.
Getting Organized

This room has been up for grabs for weeks, since you left in fact. But I couldn't stand it anymore and started putting it back in place. This is the new assortment of teapot-y things arranged by color.

OK so there is still paint stuff under the staircase, but the dining room table is set for our anniversary dinner, the first of many December special dinners.

Yes that is Mom's gold flatware that I dragged out for this setting. Gold (plastic) chargers make it a fancier setting.

The stairs look so much better now that the bolt holes have been covered and painted. What one doesn't immediately realize is that Dave caulked every crack or gap and it looks NON-rustic now. That wall furnace is going! And then the shelf unit will return to under the staircase.

Preview of what I did after cleaning up the living room and kitchen. Just fooling around. At the end of the day I realized I am still making stuff for my bedroom, which I DON'T NEED. This will change today. I will make stripsets from the blues, purples and darker greens to go with all this warm stuff.

Yes, prints and sewn strips make up this composition. What a looooonnnngggg time it takes to put this all together. But if it is going to end up being washable pillow covers and throw quilt, it has to be washable.

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Brooke said...

Wow I can't get over how different the stairs look. They seem like Ikea pre-fabs now, but in a totally great way, you know? And those stripes are so delicious. Funny how you gravitated toward that color scheme.

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