Saturday, March 29, 2014

White Ektorp Transformed

So simple, so obvious. A length of fabric, tucked in and around the cushions, with armrest covers too, of course, and voila I have just the chairs that would work, both versatile, custom and inexpensive for the living room. Change out the fabric cover when it gets grungy, and wash/bleach the slip cover when 'accidents' happen. Didn't you suggest this already? I guess I was hoping for a less 'homemade' look, but then let's get real, I need to make a flexible cover for inevitable disasters. I am not giving up my dogs for the sake of the furniture.
Now to talk Dave into a trip to Atlanta....

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trying on for size

I realize that my bedroom chair was not being used as often I thought it would be, so why not try it out for size in the living room? I was a little iffy about the white Ektorp chair/s being white, and this is the same white duck fabric so it will allow me to think about what color I would prefer. On the other hand I can bleach white duck....oy.
I also brought out the red stool as my drink/book table and it matches the couch red exactly, but is chipped all over. Call it Shabby Chic. I put the ottoman over the floor outlets which are a constant source of tripping for me. This arrangement is NOT how I would do the matching duet of Ektorp chairs. No ottomans with them, and not at this angle. I will use this arrangement for a week or two while I am deciding about the Ektorps. Perhaps a great solution will appear, fabric or color wise. I did find I have lots of turquoise dots left, but some are washed, and the washed out-ness makes them pretty unappealing. We do enjoy the dotty chairs on the patio, and had a long testy discussion about what we will do for shade this summer. Again, oy.

 Not gonna use this fabric:  
Here's the pic of all of us taken by Brooke, and I know you want the classic pic of our buyers for your collection. What is she doin' with him? Slim pickens on the mountain...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

New old lights

We may not keep the red chest (my fused fabric home) as the TV stand, especially if we bring the bigger TV upstairs. But it will work for now.
The photos don't show how truly bright the working area is, just gotta believe me when I say it is perfect. Yay!

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