Saturday, January 31, 2009

Finished Product

I wanted to let you have first look before I post this quilt. I think I need to get a little distance from it before I price it; it was such a long, dragged-out process to get it quilted that I feel I want to charge $500 for it, but that'll never sell.

Ojos de Dios
39" x 35"

I did wind up having plenty of trouble with frayed edges again - but not until I was quilting it. I suppose I'm manhandling the quilt too much as I force it under the sewing machine and stuff. I trimmed quite a bit of the frayed parts and was consciously more careful as I proceeded to quilt it and I think that might have helped. I dunno.

I did have some trouble with all the blocks laying perfectly flat, but overall I think it's not too much of a problem.

Need to clip that little thread there...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Moving the closets...

Dave put up a shelf over the dryer which makes it so much easier to fold clothes on the washer and dryer themselves, and to hang things immediately. Now if I can only get him to bring his clothes upstairs and put them away.
I also got the skinny closet next to the laundry room. What a surprise that the wire basket-drawers fit in there perfectly. I emptied them mostly and now will put in the dishes and stuff that rarely gets used...or something. I don't know what. And there is a bright light here too, which makes me so happy. Lighting is stinky in many of our rooms, and it is my challenge to fix that.
And now my studio is back to a painting studio with the exception of the curtains which I may start on this weekend. No promises.
Dave is always on his new laptop and that makes us both happy.
We watched tv this afternoon and never did get dressed. La dee dah.
Notice the chicks on the bannister. So sweet. They need a big mother hen. Wanna send me the pattern? O nevermind, I put away all my sewing stuff. I still need to organize the stuff in that closet with all the rubbermaids...when I have a moment.

Monday, January 5, 2009

The completed assembly of all that furniture. Not counting Dave's bed which is still in the garage. I added captions which you can get if you click on the icon in the lower left corner. Eva who sent me the artwork is a blog reader I recently discovered. She has her own blog too. I have it on my sidebar.

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