Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Pattern

Turns out I had this in my collection!!! Only thing is, it only goes to 12-14...which may or may not fit. But I could make the bodice first out of muslin and see if the armholes are big enough and if it actually buttons across the bust. Pleats instead of gathers and perhaps divide the skirt into panels to insert pockets in the front seam lines. Close to the picture on Pinterest, eh? only with button front.
Darling Dress E

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art Supply Organization

Can I be inspired by your studio cleanout without having seen it? I think so! I bought these drawer units at Wal-Mart on Friday and they waited for me to get back to them til today. I wanted to consolidate all my art supplies within easy reach, and in one spot which I had NEVER done until today. Seriously. Never.  Since I decided to keep the rolling wire shelves in my studio, instead back in the garage, I had to make them useful. Now I feel just right. I can quilt, or sew or knit or paint/draw without having to dig through stuff and find what I need. Altho I don't  have a labeler, I think I can learn where to look without too much struggle. I could print out this photo and use it as a guide if necessary. Ha!

There is still lots of room on the shelves for stuff, which I have empty Rubbermaid bins there at the ready. I put all the watercolor paper tablets on the top shelf and there are a few canvases there too, but lot more in other spots, including the garage. I should have no qualms about using canvases up, as I have wayyyyyy too many.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Here's a thought...before you do any garden digging or excavation, just buy a couple of plastic buckets from Walmart. $4 each. Drill a few holes, fill with one liter bag of Miracle Grow Garden Soil and put one plant of your choice in each one. Place against the side of the house and water regularly. No digging, and nothing backbreaking. It will tell you whether you have the right site for a future garden, with very little effort or investment. Everything is reusable and can be dumped into a bed, should you decide to make one later. I am thinking lettuce in March, or October, basil anytime, squash too.
squash in a basket

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Stacked Stripes

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