Monday, November 3, 2008

Pink and Green with a little Yellow

So, after lazing around quite a bit yesterday, I went into the studio after dinner and made this. I thought I would show you before I posted to my blog in case there's anything you need to say privately to me before I go public.

And so for the next part, the large part, I thought I would mix it up again and make it yellow and green with a little pink. The problem, of course, is the commercial fabrics. I know I have pink and yellow, but do I have green and yellow that would work in this quilt? Not sure. I've been using the pink and yellow ones already. Although, one of my commercial fabrics is a yellow cotton lame, and that would work in the next section. Plus, I've been using brown and orange. I don't see those colors working well in a yellow and green section, but maybe I could pull an olive green that's particularly muddy into the mix. We'll see. And then I have the stripes to conquer. They should be fairly straightforward.

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