Saturday, September 18, 2010

September Sales

Dusk Til Dawn $500
This one, Cross Series: Citrus is still in WI at the defunct gallery, to be shipped Tuesday.

The one on the right is the only one I sold in Michigan.

This one, Barred Circles is the most expensive and least quilted of all, at $700. It is currently hanging in my studio and used to hang in the Cary house studio.

 The green one sold to a single guy for a gift for his girlfriend.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blue/navy/black boucle kid mohair. Not the least bit itchy. About 6 feet wide at the top and about 4 feet long from top to point. Knit in Maine!!! while I was teaching there. I loved the yarn but have nothing blue in my wardrobe. $60 plus postage.

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And then there is this purple beauty, with lots of merino and hand dyed yarns, and a few fluffy ones too. Quite large at 8 feet at the top and about 4.5 from top to bottom. $65 plus postage. I accept Paypal. I know they both wrap around the waist.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

They're attached!

I used the beginning and ending threads of the blue ring and pulled them through theedge of the yellow ring and knotted them, which is covered by the rolling action of the ring. The yellow is DK and the blue is fingering or sock weight.
I think worsted weight and bigger needles would make a bigger ring and a bigger impact. What do you think? Or does it lose something by not being chained? With this method, rings are knit separately and can be arranged and attached later. Mega amounts could be done and then they could also be linked with a smaller ring . Endless possibilities. I must also try the crochet version.

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