Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The End of the Garden Bins

Carl and Carl Jr. from up on the mountain, came with our old trailer and their truck and took away all 6 bins, in minutes. We're getting things off our checklist of things to do before we move.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Garden Bins

 We have five troughs that are about 3'x8'x28" and one six foot circular one. All have drilled drainage holes. We spent about $1000 to buy all of these. 
Cattle trough garden: Cattle trough garden:


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Redesigning the Garden

Los trabajadores were bangin' away early on the new house next door, so it was a good day for us to get outside and start doing something about the yard. We planned to transplant the six redbud trees into the back bed but were going to wait until the first frost to killed our flowers. But no...we pulled them out and relocated them in the handy dumpster which lives at the end of our driveway. The white tubs which held the redbuds were hauled on a dolly to the back bed and we rolled and pulled until the trees came loose from their pots. Then they were placed in the empty-ish beds by the herculean effort of SuperDave. The soil from two troughs was used to fill the remaining areas of the bed. We had raised that back bed to two tiers of concrete blocks, and we still have 1/3 of the area to finish. The excess soil is going to cover the low spots of the yard and then we'll sod it. We have lots more soil and troughs to empty.

  The troughs were sitting on ten concrete blocks each, which we used to raise the back bed. To get the blocks we first had to empty the troughs of their soil. More to go...

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