Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Chair Makeover

I hated the zebra striped velvet on the seat, but not because of the color, but because it was not easy to shift around in the chair. The fabric put a brake on movement. I needed slippery-er fabric for the seat covers. So I got some Royal purple satin ($5 a yard) and stapled the new seats today. I had planned on doing something to cushion the backs and never could come up with a plan. Then I looked through some Mary Englebreit Magazines and one idea seemed to work for me. I of course changed even that idea, and put heavy batting in the the back panel.

Posted by PicasaThis is the upside down view of how this is kept in place. A small placket with real small buttons and button holes. The other buttons are both front and back on the back padding. All mother of pearl.
I have one more day alone until Dave returns. He needs to be here. He cramped in IKEA today with his sister. 30 minutes of being down on the floor. Oy.

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