Monday, December 8, 2008

Tree Decorating and Cleaning...

These are all pictures that I would not be allowed to post on my normal blog, as Glory is in her nightgown.  So, here is our little Charlie Brown Christmas tree.  Funny, the ficus doesn't have very strong branches, so hanging ornaments on them was  a little scary.  But the really heavy ornaments went onto the little pink Christmas tree I bought last year.  

Well, I tried to upload the little video I made of Terry washing the tree in the bathroom, but blogger failed me.  Oh well.  Never mind.

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Melody said...

Yes Glory is a little Victoria Secret in these pictures. Not for public viewing.
And now I get to see how your computer is situated so I can imagine better what you are looking at when you call me.
The tree is smaller than in my imagination. More apartment size, rather than those planted in shopping mall garden areas.
Nice memories of Singapore for the future, eh?

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