Friday, December 12, 2008

Before the paint version

I took this shot before I loaded up the IKEA thing. Note the beige area carpet. That came with the house. We had it in the garage. I may not be using it in the future when Pops goes.

One of several tablecloths I have for a round table. This wood table came from Pier One, and is the dullest wood color, no shine at all.

The look of Christmas, with the ceiling lights off.

You can't see all the wires coming out of the wall for the cable box. The quilt artfully hides them.

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Brooke said...

I really like the furniture arrangement this time. It would be nice, perhaps, to have a balancing focal point on the front wall opposite the new fireplace - doncha think? And where do you propose to put the fold down-leaf table/buffet? It 's so weird that the big table isn't in this room anymore, but yeah: who are you having over? Nobody. But someday there will be 5 people eating at your house, so the big table will need to come out again.
Someday soonish.

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