Wednesday, September 4, 2013

paint or dye effects

Using Setacolor textile paints, which I have a ton of, and just pressing the brush down and allowing the paint to dry in the spotty looks. I can't recall if I used two coats, one with a foam brush and one just really wet fabric first...have to play with this. Dried in the sun, quickly.

Also using Setacolor. Paint is applied and scrunched up fabric is pressed into it. Set it in the sun and it makes this design all by itself.

Thickened dyes, I have the thickener in my closet, sodium alginate, made from seaweed. Squirt on the thickened dye and squirt regular dye in between.  Same with the next piece below

The darker pink and the yellow were the thicker dyes and the rest of the colors were squirted into the empty spaces. Done on pimatex fabric, a poplin weight, single layer.

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