Friday, September 6, 2013

Neckline Update

As promised here is the next step. I feel that the shoulder seams should be sewn before the shoulder triangles are picked up to knit. I also like to do the collar at this point too. To make it simpler than my first attempt at explaining this,
Knit the neckline 'wedges' by decreasing on both edges (sl 1, k2tog, k to 3 sts before the end, k2tog, k1) until only 21 stitches remain. Note: On the right front, the stitches are picked up from the center front edge. On the left front, the stitches are picked up from the top of the diamond instead. So ending threads are not on the same side when the wedges are completed. I cut them both and put the live stitches on holders as you can see. I will weave the loose yarns in later.
Then stitch the neckline/shoulder edges together, cut yarn, and with main color (whatever that is!) pick up the live stitches on the inside left front, and continue to pick up and knit around neckline.

 I bound off the back neck at five stitches but I may go back and undo that and leave more stitches open or live to make that neckline 'seam' more seamless. I think that the center back neck seam shows most of all when stitches are picked up there, so the fewer picked up, the better, if that makes any sense to you.

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