Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pastel Stripey

I felt I needed a second attempt to get the pastel stripey I had envisioned. These look more washed out in the photo than in reality, but work as the lightest fabrics with texture that I needed. I admit to pumping up the color on the first piece, so you could actually see what it is, otherwise it was so faint not to be interesting at all.

 Next comes the Special Editions in lightest pastel. The monoprint was hard to get on all at once, with only my two hands, so I have some big air bubbles, which I don't mind. They end up being useful down the line.
After that are three full spectrum, full intensity stripey on three different kinds of print cloth. I saved these over the years from my student kits, not wanting to have to dye them for myself, since I dyed thousands of the same thing over the years. ugh. Now is the hour to use them.
As I look closely at my 'inspiration' quilt, I see lots of darkness, with brights. I want a lighter sweeter palette, with no black, just darker primaries. And I doubt that I will use as many prints, but I will use some. Hopefully these stripey fabrics will end up looking like those striped-diamond patterned pieced blocks.
In my stash I have a red and black stripe and a royal blue and black stripe, which is a temptation to use since it is already a stripe. I will resist.
Since I will be going to the Ready Set Sew store tomorrow, I will see what they have to add to this mix. Also going to Hobby Lobby to meet that reader who is giving me her dyes. FREE.
Another really rainy day so no dyeing unless the sun returns.

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