Monday, June 24, 2013

Done before 8 am

We got an early start outdoors today, seeing as how we are still riding on the euphoria of selling the boat. Dave is now onto getting the horseshoe pit up to snuff for his 1st Annual Horseshoe Tournament on the 4th of July. And I wanted to fix that yellow rose bush, as well as plant my remaining pots of hosta and heuchera.

The leaning rose bush that had to be pruned...

And now the new shape, and all the branches in the burn pile. yay!
The recently purchased sale hosta and heuchera along with some transplants from Dave's Memorial Swamp got planted by the little red knockout. I might have to keep the knockout regularly pruned in the future. There is still more empty space in that bed...Hello Wal-Mart.

I'm beginning to see fruit in the veggie beds, green beans, yellow squash, tomatoes, but DUH, I didn't read the seed packet and planted Blue Lake POLE beans, instead of bush, so they will be pulled out. How stupid. I will still have plenty from the bush beans. Don't mention the peppers. arrghh
Dave, now full of enthusiasm for yard work, helped me dig out the hosta to transplant, mowed the field and wacked all the weeds in my mistake garden. Gone so fast, after complaining so long..

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