Monday, June 17, 2013


It's been raining all night and then all day and I had to get out into the garden and look at things. Under my umbrella, with my camera, I saw that dastardly larkspur had fallen down over everything and I just lost it. I pocketed my camera and began pulling it out with one hand, while my other hand held the umbrella. My butt was exposed to the rain but I did not care: I was on a mission.
Soon I had a big pile of larkspur, and some more phlox that was hiding, also many weeds and cleome starts. I couldn't get it all since some were growing in between the landscape bricks. But I WILL.

Now I can see I have SPACE for shade plants (new hosta!) as well as a space for my basil. And I found there was a big nice hosta already there, which I will move out of the sun and closer to the redbud. The best part is that I can see the Twist and Shout hydrangea now, which makes me so happy.
I still have to dig out those redbud volunteers, whose roots go down to China...

The Sun Gold is doing great and showing no signs of shock, and same with the tiny basil. I am so happy to have this plant right here where I can run out and harvest, asap. The coneflowers are starting to show pink at the tips, which pleases me. I would be happy to have white too, so we will wait and see.

The Julia Child rose is next in my mad rampage to control the garden. What a mess it is making with dropped petals.
On my way home from the airport, I stopped at Kmart and found this Fragrant Bouquet hosta, under $5, so what could I do? Many stems..hee hee. Next to it, from my local Walmart (had to get eggs, milk, and ant killer!) I succumbed to a Brass Lantern heucherella, $5.47. I wanted to wait until it was on sale, but it was soooo dry, and so were the others, that I thought by the time they reduced them, they might be dead. Of course now it is so rainy that they all may have survived another day. I plan to pot it with the new Fire and Ice hosta you got me from Lowe's. Also going in that pot is the Fragrant Bouquet. Still deciding where to plant the sedum. Suggestions?
Last but not least, my fancy schmancy nursery grown astilbe is blooming. Sigh. So intense magenta.

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