Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Wonky squares

So I started playing around today, and I made this block. It's about 6 inches square, but I didn't measure anything or even use a straight edge when I cut. So it's wonky. I was so pleased that I went on and made some more.

Well, this one turned out a bit bigger, of course - since I wasn't measuring. I eventually cut it down, but I was feeling eager and enthusiastic, so I went on.

Eventually I had to stop and eat lunch and get ready for work, but I was so happy with what I'd made. Here they all are together:

I'm using fabric that I already cut up for the birdhouse quilt, which I've quietly shelved for now. All the pre-cut stuff is in warm colors, and I intend to do some wonky sashing in black and white prints with little blocks of cool colors sewn into the strips.
But like it took me no time to sew these together, and I can't wait to get back to work on it again. I'm off on Thursday; I should be able to make a bunch more then.

Now the question is: straight, or on point?

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