Monday, February 8, 2010

The results. Left to right
The first tower is all hand dyed, including some dyed by other dyers.
Second empty except for some larger pieces of just yardage, for backings or linings, or canvas or duck.
Center shelves are full of my fused fabrics and thread bins
Fourth is hand dyed scraps, or multicolored special editions, or junk dyed yardage for backs, or really large 3 yds pieces of hand dyed 60" wide for presumably large scale quilts. Some are really nice pieces which I forgot I had.
Fifth tower is all prints.
So seven shelves are empty.

One of the shelves has Marimekko fabrics and above that shelf is some really nice stuff from NZ and Japan. The top shelf of the first tower also has some Kona, both hand dyed and commercial.
Here is the big 19 yard roll of  IKEA muslin. I was thinking backing fabric when I bought this but now I think I have waaaaayyyyyyy too much backing fabric, so instead how about dyeing them in 60" squares? Might sell.
The hand dyed blues are heavy on the turquoise and too light on the dark greens and dark purples.  While it looks as tho I have enough reds, all are too light to be rich reds.

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