Sunday, September 27, 2009

Not ready for prime time

The idea was that it the shelf unit (what is that called?) would make the dining room cozier and more inviting. I am not sure it does that at all. I may move it to the wall on the right of this picture, you know the one that is to the right as you enter from the front door, where the bench is in the next shot. And then what to do with the bench? Perhaps that will be solved when I move the shelf. I suppose it can go to the studio...

I am sure we will be using this room MUCH more than we have all summer, now that it is cooler. I have already set my laptop here in my chair by the fireplace. And the white chairs look so much better here than the Poangs, being brighter.

I don't know why Dave put these facing the railing, but of course they can be changed.

The black chairs went (1) into my bedroom and (2) the studio.
The little stereo that used to be in the living room went upstairs to Dave's room and the TV set up has the receiver under the dvd player has FM (Npr comes in clearly, and all I really listen to) so I can really get big sound, if I wanted it. Eight speakers, surround sound. O my. The dvd player also plays cds. All of the stuff I want in one place.

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Brooke said...

Ok. I'm trying to remember what black chairs? And could you show the teev under the stairs?

Looks great, otherwise. Both rooms seem quite cozy.

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