Friday, September 25, 2009

Knitting up the Melody yarn...

It was great tv night and I had new yarn to try out, so what will I make? I wanted to try this Bainbridge scarf...

which you can see here to understand what it is that you are looking at. Open the .pdf and see what intrigued me.

I used big needles and decided on a seed stitch which is reversible, but I am not too happy with the fabric after all and probably will frog it. It is dense and not supple. I need to make something that is looser, almost lace-like which will be a challenge since this is quite a bulky yarn.

After writing this last sentence, I decided to try it on, and wrapped it twice around the neck. It is a big circle. I took pictures of myself wearing it and now I think, maybe this is worth keeping, and not adding the ties, which I have just enough yarn left to do.

It will really keep the harsh winds away...because it is dense and not lacey. So there.

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Brooke said...

Yeah, you know - I have a hard time liking variegated yard off the skein. Sometimes it looks great, other times it just gets muddy because the colors are too close to each other or something. But I noticed right away the scarf you were trying to copy was a smaller yarn and therefore silkier.

After saying all that, I kinda like the scarf. But I think maybe you could make something better with the yarn. I'm sure you have plenty left?

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