Monday, May 11, 2009

New Stuff

The last time Dave went to Atlanta to play ball I made him come home with the last Billy. I put it together today and it wore me out. I guess I am not so recovered as I thought. But I had a good long soak in the bubble tub (and later Dave joined me) and that made me feel better.

I decided yesterday to get myself a nice tv for my studio. I like to have it on while I am fussing with fabric or getting stuff ready to paint, or just while I am sketching, so I justified it by remembering that I still have $1000 in my paypal from painting last year.

This is our old old old microwave cart that used to hold our computer and now it will be my taboret for painting. The turps and brush cleaner and gesso go in the cabinet part and the paint and palette go on the slider and the top holds whatever. I am glad we didn't get rid of it.

I will be moving the wire shelves from this spot because I also ordered a wall mount that comes out from the wall and can be angled to view from all sides. It won't be staying on the fireplace, in other words.

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