Monday, May 25, 2009

The Latest Obsession

So, this is the pair of earrings I made to wear to the choir thing. I'm calling this design the Icicle - I've left the t-pin long so that the beads dangle at the bottom of it, and the wire is visible above the beads. Not sure if I've ripped this design off or if I thought of it myself - sometimes I'm unclear about my sources of inspiration. But that is a Czech glass bead with a small silver plastic bead beneath it and a swarovski crystal above.

These are the others I made that day. They are pretty difficult to photograph when they are packaged. The white card is actually my business card, so they have my contact details. The last one on the bottom right isn't conforming to the Icicle design, but it sold anyway. And I've used a combination of beads, atho most of them have at least one swarovski crystal in there.

You can tell that this is not labor intensive. All I have to do is choose a nice combination of beads, feed them onto the wire, and make the loop. Making the loop is actually the hardest part, but I am getting pretty good at it.

Here's the second batch. Did I mention they are hard to photograph? But almost half of these sold yesterday. I expect to sell more today. And then I think I will quit, altho I am dreaming in swarovski crystals. But this is all hobby stuff. As soon as we are settled in our new place, I intend to get back to quilting. And I think I will set an assignment for myself - like one a week or something, depending on how much of my time is spent out of the house. Boohoo. The thing I keep thinking is: you can't sell your artwork if you don't have artwork to sell.

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Melody said...

Great Looking earrings and I am so glad that they are selling. What did you price them at? I think I remember $20 as a number. Anyway, they look good and fun and fast, always nice.

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