Sunday, February 22, 2009

What I Meant to Do

This is the necklace I meant to make when I made that last one. I was surprised to find out the store I went to never carried Swarovski beads, so I went on a hunt for them last Friday and found them. The store had moved, but luckily, the concierge at the old mall knew which new mall they had gone to.

I took a 2 hour nap this afternoon and woke up feeling yucky and grumpy. So I made a yucky and grumpy dinner (spaetzle with leftover peppered Brussels sprouts stirred in - yuck. Very German) and after we ate, I decided not to inflict myself on my family for a while and went into the studio to make this.

I took many pictures of the process as I had requests for a tutorial, but Terry took these two pictures of the the finished product on my neck. The previous one is taken with the flash on, but I went in and fooled with the levels. The second one had no flash and I posted it here unfooled with. Which one do you like? Or do you like either?

My intention was to make the beads look like they were just tipped onto my neck and are floating there, and I think that I accomplished that. The necklace isn't very comfortable, tho. Bicones are pokey. But it's very sparkly when it catches the light, and very colorful. It only cost like $23 for all these beads. Not bad.


Brooke said...

Well, I can see that of the two pictures, only the first one was in focus when I clicked on it to enlarge it. Is the color too icky? Or do I look too sticky? I could have the pic retaken, I guess.

Melody said...

It looks wonderful and so large that I didn't even think to click on it. Love the necklace, but can imagine it's pricklyness.
Good work.

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