Friday, February 20, 2009


Brooke said...

It really helps to have the tour, to get a feel for the space. And it's huge! I hope you don't feel like you're walking all over the surface of the earth to get what you want. My kitchen in Azusa started to feel like that, altho I was really happy with how big it was when I first moved in.

I like the little motif on the left side of the current quilt. It reminds me of a serape - is that the right word for those Mexican blankets? It sounds Indian to me. Anyway, yeah.

Brooke said...

Just looked again. Wow, the lighting could be so much better. And I'm wondering about flipping the little desk/sewing table configuration so that the sewing machine is the next stop away from the cutting table. I don't know if your outlets are making it so that you have to have things a certain way.

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