Thursday, December 15, 2011

Recovering the old chair

 I got the old chair out of the garage and it was full of deeply imbedded dog and cat hair. First I tried to scotch tape it off, to no avail.
Then I decided to just recover it. A few screws, and then the cushion was off the frame.
Next I found the electric staple gun and used it to first attach a layer of fresh batting as a barrier between the hair. Leaving the old cover intact, I just stapled the batting and then decided to use this old freebie piece of fabric as the cover.

I liked it mainly because it was slippery, which makes sitting and moving on the seat easier. A bit of pulling and stapling and voila! the seat is covered.

Then the backing, which came off easily enough with three screws and I repeated the process.  I adjusted the back to be low and centered on my back properly and now I have then new/old sewing chair. The whole process took less than 30 minutes!
Got anything you'd like to recover?

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