Saturday, July 9, 2011

How Things Have Changed!

I can't believe it took me THIS LONG to finally sit comfortably at my sewing machine! It is so much easier to enjoy piecing and then quilting when my shoulders are relaxed and at ease.
These photos show I am at full messy working mode and have tweaked the arrangement to suit me better. It turns out that I cut and press standing up better than I would sitting so I moved that higher table to my right. My fabric was arranged neatly a few hours ago, but that didn't last. ha!

I had this sketch already so I used it as my jumping off point. I am thinking of making this layout several times (I hope) and perhaps you can see that this rectangle has a center line which makes it two squares more or less.
Now that I look at this again, I see a place where I need to match a seam...I think I can do it, with a little moving and trimming.
Here it is fixed..

The blue green purple color scheme is truly new for me. But I had more stripes with those colors so I went with them. Future panels might go warmer, we'll see.
So all day today I thought about going to the quilt show and I have decided against it. I would much rather spend a whole day at your house, sometime, or have you here. I looked up the Horne sewing cabinets and while they are lovely, I just feel like I have something right now that is working.

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