Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Just dk and fingering (sock weight) yarn. All wool, but not all superwash.

I do think there are several repeats in her stash. Some rose colors look the same, as well as light bluey purple. That limey green in the front and second row from the front look the same too. Two whites, and definitely two purples.

Then what I have already...

Starting from the right going left.
1. Mixed lime green, would like it to be solid.
2. yellow fingering 300 yds
3. goldenrod fingering 300 yds
4. citrus (pumpkin color) Gems merino 185 yds, not orange enough for my liking, but matches other yarns, but it won't work here.

The yarn in the center:
hand dyed oranges, would rather that it was solid orange. a bit of leftover red-orange mix

then red Gems merino, Brown Sheep red fingering and then fuchsia fingering and a huge skein of fuchsia Cherry Tree Hill fingering, 420 yds. These red and fuchsia yarns are essentially the same color.

Hand dyed pink/white and then red/pink/white

Hand dyed Lavender, medium blue fingering, leftover blue

teal, turquoise leftover, aqua leftover, full skein of Cherry Tree Hill grayed-down teal green 420 yds.

Bits of aqua-greens
So while I could make something with this motley bunch of yarns, I would rather have a full set of colors, more closely related in value and closer in color. I am glad to see that I already have that goldenrod color, as I can't imagine how to mix that from the yellow and red that I have in the dye. I would have to order specific goldenrod dye.
The missing solid colors I think are
orange, peachy orange, watermelon red, pink,
rosey purpley lavender, lavender blue, medium blue,
turquoise, lime green, minty green, regular grass green

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