Friday, December 11, 2009


I finally got off my butt (big big butt) and went to the garage and brought in my patterns, pattern paper and some fabrics and found this cute pattern that I have never made. I have several suitable t-shirt patterns, but this one has some interest due to the slits in front and the sides. It comes with a back zip, which I won't be doing, and I may have to narrow the sleeves a bit as well as shorten them. I always have to shorten sleeves in the pattern.
The pants look good too. And if I wore skirts, the skirt looks cute.
I have another idea too.
Love love love this jacket which could work as a shirt with a camisole (as if) underneath. Or a turtleneck. But think of all the cute shirt fabric out there (Hobby Lobby) or quilt fabric, or even Kona cotton solids. Colorblocked maybe. One cute pocket on the overlapping side maybe?

And of course the long hoodie is just so me! I need a light coat don't I?

This is also a t-shirt pattern, altho I don't like boat necks, I could fix that. So I have a ton of interlock and the other day I put away all the quilt fabric and have two cleaned off tables to work on. And I am not going to rush...and do a good job.

I am so miserable in my jeans today.

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