Thursday, March 27, 2014

Trying on for size

I realize that my bedroom chair was not being used as often I thought it would be, so why not try it out for size in the living room? I was a little iffy about the white Ektorp chair/s being white, and this is the same white duck fabric so it will allow me to think about what color I would prefer. On the other hand I can bleach white duck....oy.
I also brought out the red stool as my drink/book table and it matches the couch red exactly, but is chipped all over. Call it Shabby Chic. I put the ottoman over the floor outlets which are a constant source of tripping for me. This arrangement is NOT how I would do the matching duet of Ektorp chairs. No ottomans with them, and not at this angle. I will use this arrangement for a week or two while I am deciding about the Ektorps. Perhaps a great solution will appear, fabric or color wise. I did find I have lots of turquoise dots left, but some are washed, and the washed out-ness makes them pretty unappealing. We do enjoy the dotty chairs on the patio, and had a long testy discussion about what we will do for shade this summer. Again, oy.

 Not gonna use this fabric:  
Here's the pic of all of us taken by Brooke, and I know you want the classic pic of our buyers for your collection. What is she doin' with him? Slim pickens on the mountain...

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