Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Neckline

Here is my idea for the new and improved neckline. In the photo on the left,  the top piece is the back and at the bottom-center is the triangle which makes up the back neck piece. It is the same as the initial triangle at the bottom of the back.
Then I have the two fronts pinned up shoulder point to shoulder point. Then the inside knitting there is the beginning of the neckline which will continue onwards to become the collar. I have picked up 35 stitches on each side of the fronts and decreased as follows:
row 1 cast on 35
row 2 k
row 3 (change yarn color) sl 1, 2tog, knit to three stitches from the end, k2tog, k1.
row 4 k.
Decrease on the front side until 21 stitches remain. End with an uneven ridge. (Place sts. on stitch holder or waste yarn)
What I mean by that is that you don't come back to finish the ridge with a k row. So you will  have one yarn at each end of this piece.  This is counter intuitive, but necessary, as we will be soon changing direction of the right side to the wrong side so that the collar will fold over and show the right side.
Are you following me?

Next you will have to sew the edges together where the diamonds meet and the few ridges of the new neckline meet the back triangle. This may be fiddly, but I believe it will make a big difference in the comfort and fit of the final jacket.

You can see the part that needs sewing here, from the diamond points to the stitch holders.
And this is the really counter intuitive part, slide the stitches from the left front onto your needle and begin to knit by picking up the stitches from the back neck. Usually we pick up from the front side, but in this case we are picking up from inside the back neck so that the resulting collar will be right side facing out. I am not counting the amount of back neck stitches until I do this, but will do what looks good. The I will arrive at the right front stitches and will knit with whatever color I am currently working with. This will be the fold line so it will be unnoticeable in the final product. From this point the collar will be knit until 15 ridges or 30 rows are finished, bind off loosely.
Since I haven't actually done this, there might be an update, but I wanted to let you in on the process, as these before pictures make it semi-clear, I hope!

You will note that the last five stitches on the back neck are live and on waste yarn. Knit those as you come to them.


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