Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art Supply Organization

Can I be inspired by your studio cleanout without having seen it? I think so! I bought these drawer units at Wal-Mart on Friday and they waited for me to get back to them til today. I wanted to consolidate all my art supplies within easy reach, and in one spot which I had NEVER done until today. Seriously. Never.  Since I decided to keep the rolling wire shelves in my studio, instead back in the garage, I had to make them useful. Now I feel just right. I can quilt, or sew or knit or paint/draw without having to dig through stuff and find what I need. Altho I don't  have a labeler, I think I can learn where to look without too much struggle. I could print out this photo and use it as a guide if necessary. Ha!

There is still lots of room on the shelves for stuff, which I have empty Rubbermaid bins there at the ready. I put all the watercolor paper tablets on the top shelf and there are a few canvases there too, but lot more in other spots, including the garage. I should have no qualms about using canvases up, as I have wayyyyyy too many.

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