Monday, April 5, 2010

Try not to laugh
The three dresses I ordered from Dharma arrived already. I put in the order Friday and it came by mail. Wow. OK here's what I got. The first one is crinkle rayon, a swing dress. Loose and wrinkled at the moment but feels the best of the three, on. Very cool and lightweight. Needs to be dyed, as they all do but I am sure it will look fab when it is a color. My arms are like HAMS. Uck. I never let them go uncovered.

Then we have the tiered racerback dress. Obviously I am not wearing the right bra. And braless is a scandal.
Nipples R Us.

 Not too bad with a bra on and a  tee underneath.

The the Farmer dress which is awful dumpy. Or I am awful dumpy in it. Perhaps shortening it might improve it. I could cut off a lot and make pockets from the leftovers. The armholes gap terribly and will require darts. So it is wearable, just. Must wear a tee under it if I am to wear it in public.

Line Total
Pullover Swing Dress
#BRC319    L/XL
Tiered Racerback Dress
#CH065    L
Adult Empire Dress - S, M, L - Large (Farmer dress)
#AEMS    L
Subtotal: $48.23
Shipping & Handling: $13.61
COD Fee (If Applicable): $0.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Total: $61.84

Got an email from Ruby Mtn. Dye. and she is adding two half yards more than I ordered as a fix for making me wait. As if I cared that it took a week longer than expected. I am not sewing this week as it is.

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